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Go Writer's Winners

Go Writer's Winners

         The public television station KUID from Moscow co-sponsored the Go Writer’s Contest through PBS for Kids in Boise, Idaho. Over 500 stories were submitted for judging in the state in three regions. The northern region includes students from Sandpoint to Riggins.

           This year, Nezperce Elementary placed in 1st and 3rd grades. First grader, Raegan Mosman came in second with her story, “Edward the Bee” about her first bee sting and Gage Tiegs earned a third place for his story, “My Unlucky Shirt” about all of the unlucky adventures he had wearing his unlucky shirt. Three 3rd graders took first, second and third places for their entries. Kairys Grant came in first with her story, "If Apples Had Feelings" which was written from the point of view of apples as they are eaten, left to rot, or made into applesauce. Second place was earned by Morgan Kirkland in her story, "When My Mom had Easton" recounting her thoughts and feelings when her new baby brother joined their family. Third place went to Camas Arnzen for a poem "I Am" relating some of her favorite things in life. Each student received $100 to begin or add to their college fund from the PBS Station.


       They each read their story in Moscow on Saturday, May 13th in front of an audience of family members and station representatives. Each was also give a backpack full of books and prizes. We are so very proud of each of our students for participating and placing so well in this statewide event.

Many thanks for the support of PBS for kids in Boise and the Moscow KUID station for providing this opportunity for our young writers.


Author Visits Nezperce Elementary

Jocelyn Carr from Whitebird visited our school on November 17th. She shared her adventures in Iceland with the 1st and 2nd graders and talked about how she wrote her first book, When the Lion Roars with 3rd-6th graders.  Her pen name is Inis L. Fal.  She told us this was historical and that if we read the book, we would find out!  She taught us about how she got her ideas and organized the main topics she wanted to include and elaborate upon.

Jocelyn started her first book at 17 and it took her 3 years to finish.  She enjoys traveling and speaks four different languages.  After she spoke a few phrases we had fun guessing what language she was using. Jocelyn is now writing the sequel to this book. Her mother, Lisa, accompanied her to our school  They even ate lunch with us!  We can't wait to read her book!

Family Math Night

     Family Math Night was great fun learning about different math strategies and how kids learn best.  There was a short introduction by Ryan Dent, our new regional math specialist, then parents and students went to  classrooms to learn about the math curriculum and to play strategy games that helped them see how students learn math in fun and engaging ways.  We also looked at Dreambox, a new web based program to learn and review math concepts at an appropriate level for each learner.  Information was sent home with user names and passwords in order to use the program at home. Please see the shortcut on the Elementary page to access program.

      A special THANK YOU to members of the National Honor Society for watching pre-school aged children while parents could visit classrooms and play games with their school children.  It was MUCH appreciated!

Veteran's Wall of Honor

The Fifth Grade took great pride in honoring our veterans this week with a Wall of Honor.  We also have a symbolic display for MIA and Pow's.  The display is a place setting where each piece symbolizes the sacrifices made by these veterans and their families. Our display also includes a timeline featuring all the wars that were fought by our servicemen and women.



After the Veteran's Day assembly, we invited the veterans to see our wall.



Being a Reader...

Being a Reader...

     Paige Nelson, a junior at Nezperce High School, visited the 3-5th graders to talk about being a reader.  She showed students the many books she has read (and reread) with colorful flags marking her favorite parts, places she had questions about, and quotes she wanted to remember.  She shared stories about taking books to movies so she could compare the storyline to that of the movie.  "The book is ALWAYS better!" she stated.  Her favorite book, as of today, is Gone With the Wind.  She loves to compare the characters and find traits about them that she would like to aspire to (or not).

     Thanks Paige for coming to share your reading life with us.  As we continue to develop our own, it reminds us that we never stop learning about reading!  

Student Body Officers

The officers for the 2016-17 Nezperce Elementary Student Body are:

President - Ava Webster

V-President - Addison Payne

Secretary - Aidan McLeod

Treasurer - Katharine Duuck

Who will be the new officers for 2016-17

Who will be the new officers for 2016-17

We have some great candidates for the new Nezperce Elementary Student Body!  Today each delivered a speech to tell about the contribution they will make to help make our school a better place to live and learn.  We will find out who won on Wednesday - Sept. 21st.  Good Luck Everyone!

September Swim Party

Parents - New handbook section for K-6 students

Because your child's well being is important to us, the school board approved of this new section to be found on pg. 14 of our 2016-17 handbook which will be published soon.  Please share this with your child(ren).




As stated in District Policy 506.50 Prohibition Against harassment, Intimidation and Bullying, students are prohibited from engaging in physical, verbal, non-verbal, psychological, and cyber bulling. Students participating in any social media or use of e-mail will not use other students’ images, text, audio, or any combination to intimidate or harm another individual.  This also includes conspiring with another individual to cause harm.  Reporting will be kept anonymous with the intent to protect those being harassed.

download cyber bulling.png

Win Books, Toys, Games, and Media from Scholastic

Care to Share


     Inspired by the Amazon Original Series The Stinky & Dirty Show and Just Add Magic, the “Share Your Family Moment” Sweepstakes calls on families to submit a video (or a photo with a caption) that helps highlight the importance of sharing and caring at home. Five winners will be randomly chosen to receive a one hundred dollar ($100) gift card to the Scholastic Store online!

     The Scholastic Store online offers a comprehensive assortment of books, toys, games, media, arts and crafts, and more for kids from birth to young adult. Five winners of the "Share Your Family Moment" Sweepstakes will be selected in a random drawing from all eligible entries received.

     Show off your family’s holiday spirit on social media for an extra chance to win!


RULES   .http://familymoments.scholastic.com/collector/amazon/familymoment






Healthy Foods

     If you get a chance to come for lunch, we think you will enjoy the fresh salad bar and hot entrees.  Rachel Casali is our new cook and she has enjoyed making new dishes for students and staff.  Thank you Rachel (and student helpers) for making our cafeteria a great place for a lunch break!  We enjoy the healthy choices she provides (as stated in our Wellness Policy).

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